Whole home generators

If you do happen to have natural gas or can get a large enough liquid propane tank, a whole home back up generator is the way to go.  If you have mainly gas appliances, you can possibly run your home off a generator as small as 10-12kw.  Larger homes with more electrical appliances or with electric heat will benefit from a larger generator 15-20kw or more.  We can do a load calculation on your home to see what size is best for you and what you want.  These generators can be installed with a automatic transfer switch to turn the generator on and switch from the power company to the generator power automatically even if your not home.  Most automatic transfer switches turn on within 30 seconds of power loss and will switch power back to the power company within a few minutes of power being restored.  If you do not want an automatic transfer switch, a manual transfer switch can be installed allowing you to switch over manually.  These are usually best in situations where you are using a liquid propane tank and may not want to run the generator when you are away.  We can install either option for you and can assist you in selecting the generator best for you and your home.

Portable generators

For those of us that don't have natural gas lines or a large Liquid Propane tank, a portable generator can be a cost effective solution to keep you going if you lose power.   Most generators have outlets to plug your devices into but you have to run extension cords to them.  Running extension cords this way can be a trip hazard, prevent you from locking your doors or windows, and runs the risk of damaging devices due to voltage drop from smaller guaged extension cords.  There is a much safer and easier solution for powering up your home with a portable generator.  We install a 30 amp outlet outside that you plug your generator into, just one plug.  From there we install a generator panel or a interlocking kit into your existing panel with a breaker for the generator.  A generator panel will allow you to have a predetermined number of circuits that your generator will run if you lose power.  An interlock kit is installed in the generator panel with this type of installation to prevent back feed on power company lines.  Having an interlock kit installed directly into your existing panel box allows more flexibility.  You can pick the circuits you want to run and you have the ability to cut off circuits should you being to use more power then the generator can provide.  Unless you have gas  heat, gas stove, or  gas hot water, you will not be able to run these appliances still.  You will normally be able to run your lights and most outlets (including refrigerators, freezers, and your microwave). No extension cords needed.

    We get the oddest weather around here. You never know whats going to happen or when.  Be it snow one day and a heavy rain and wind the next.  If you lose power during one of these incidents do you run extension cords all across your house, to power up a TV or to try to keep your fridge or freezer on? Do you hope that power will come on before food goes bad if you don't have a portable generator?  Here at JTs Electrical Services, LLC. we can help keep you powered up in an event of power loss with from portable generator hookups to full whole home back up generators with automatic transfer switches.

Generator Installation

Whole home and portable